How It Works

The first 100 Women Who Care group began in 2006 in Michigan. There are now over 700 groups like ours around the world! This concept has been very effective because of its simplicity. To find out about other groups throughout the country and world, go to the 100 Who Care Alliance page.

  • We encourage 100 or more women to commit to our group. Commitment involves pledging $100 per meeting. You are welcome to form a 2-4 person group membership to share the financial commitment, but the group would only have one vote.
  • As a committed member, you may nominate a local 501(c)(3) charity if you wish (one nomination per person). We ask that new members attend at least one meeting before nominating an organization in order to learn the process and better represent the charity. You may still vote at your first meeting. Nominated charities must be in Pinellas County.
  • There is a “Questions to Consider” form with a series of questions, which will help you (and the charity representative) know what information to provide if chosen to speak on behalf of your charity.
  • Charities that have a 501(c)(3) status and have had that status for at least one year are eligible to be nominated.
  • 3 charities from the nominations are randomly selected at the meeting – those 3 will have 5 minutes to explain and 5 minutes for Q&A. The person who nominated the selected group will get up and introduce the group and say why she selected the charity. (If the person who nominated cannot attend, she can designate another member to do so, as long as that member is equally familiar with and passionate about that charity). The member may then opt to introduce one member from the charity to speak, or the member can speak for the 5 minutes. The selected charities are welcome to place fliers in the back of the room for members to get more information.
  • We will then vote! If your charity does not receive the most votes, you may continue to nominate that charity for future meetings. If your group is voted to be a recipient, you wait at least 3 years until that charity can be nominated again.
  • All members are asked to give through the secure electronic giving platform at, which specializes solely in giving groups like ours! If you cannot attend our meeting, it is imperative that you get your donation in within 2 weeks, so we can qualify for the full $5,000 matching grant from the Richard M. Schulze Foundation. (Please note: only 501(c)(3) organizations who have been operating for at least one year are eligible to be considered for the matching grant).
  • Within a few weeks after our meeting, we will present our collective gift to the organization! It usually takes that long to collect checks from members who couldn’t attend the meeting and who do not use Members are invited to attend the check presentation, and that will be announced via e-mail and Facebook.
  • A final note: 501(c)(3) organizations (who are not looking to be members) must be invited by a member to attend, are not allowed to solicit members for nominations, and are asked to sit along the side of the room IF the tables are full with members. Displays are not allowed in the meeting room. However, brochures may be placed on a table in the lobby.

TO SUM IT UP: 3 groups present, we take a vote, the winner is announced, and you contribute $100 to that charity!       

This group is powerful, simple, and can make a tremendous impact on our local charities and neighbors in need!

100 Who Care Alliance – Who We Are

The 100 Who Care Alliance web site is a resource voluntarily compiled by giving circle leaders for existing and future giving circle leaders of the various 100 Women Who Care, 100 Men Who Care, 100 People Who Care, 100 Businesses Who Care, and 100 Kids Who Care groups. There are currently more than 700 “100 Who Care” giving circles making a huge impact in local communities throughout the world. We are #thePOWERof100.

Visit for additional information about the 100 Who Care Alliance organization.